I write for brands that dare to stand out from dotcoms of all the same writing.

Black Citrus is a creative writing shop whose ideas make you money.


But why should you trust me?

Let’s get acquainted, first. My name is Haroldas Pakalniskis.

I am a copywriter & a marketer that runs Black Citrus, this creative writing shop you’ve stumbled across just now.

People trust me to come up with attention-grabbing branding ideas & out-of-the-ordinary marketing concepts for brands of all shapes and sizes.

You could say my job here is written salesmanship - I use words to increase the sales of your products.

I’ve been shaping the way brands communicate for more or less three years by now. Within 3 months of starting, I had told the stories of the biggest fashion scene names in my country - labàdienà & atsikeli ir varai, to name a few.

I’ve joined teams with Christian Escobar to launch one hell of a travel community, Pangaea.

This might seem odd, but I’ve even written to persuade extreme dog lovers into buying one-of-one pet accessories.

Pardon my chest pumping, but I believe it comes naturally to mammal species… Ergo, I am also a contributing writer on the 3rd largest publication on Medium that has over 476k followers.

I've worked on a number of projects. Both in English and in Lithuanian. My work is predominated by e-commerce -- landing page & website copy, Facebook Ads, about us stories & the likes.

Yet, there's no limit to creativity. Especially, to creativity that sells. Hence why you'd find my name under a number of prose writings, blog posts & many many more projects.

So, if you need a hired gun for marketing, here’s another chance for you to press that beautiful dark twisted button.

Or, if you’re not ready to hit this black button of mine, you should follow me on Medium where I share secret formulas on marketing & writing copy.

Why are you still reading this? Get in touch.