Aren’t selling a whole lot?


Your audience is not responding to your content, your emails are left unopened, your sales pages are suffering from bounce rates as high as the sky…

Worse yet - your customers aren't buying your products.

We’ve all been there. Well, at least, they’ve all been there.

Now, pardon my yet another quick sales pitch, but… I know a thing or two about writing. And, about writing quality copy. Copy that your audience actually reads. Emails that are opened and read from top to bottom. Sales pages that people want to read. More importantly, sales pages that people want to buy from.

I also know that running a copywriting project with me might seem costly… Yet, I want to help you. So, I’ve put together a form on which you can book me and schedule a 1-on-1 copy audit with me.

It’s fast, extremely insightful, and it’s the best deal offered here at Black Citrus. It’s perfect for brands that dare to stand out from dot-coms of all the same writing and people like yourself.

Together, we'll review your copy. Be it a sales page, an email sequence, or social media content. We’ll see what works, what doesn’t, and what could be improved. You'll know exactly how and where to take your copy to get more sales.

This copy audit is especially useful if your copy is already doing “good”, but you’re looking for ways to boost sales.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Receive detailed feedback on your copy: the good, the bad, and the could be better;

  • Learn a handful of copywriting techniques that you can start implementing immediately;

  • Develop a unique voice for your brand moving onwards from the call;

  • Get answers to the copy and marketing related questions that keep you awake at night;

  • Leave with great copy we write together during our call.

If you want to jump on a 1-on-1, press on the button down below. It will allow you to schedule your copy audit with me.